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All Of This Is True - Lygia Day Penaflor
Published by Bloomsbury on 31st May 2018.
My rating: 3/5
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8.5.2018: Notes

I’m writing up my thoughts on this book in note form because this book is meta and this is meta and omg all the meta.

So, I started reading All Of This Is True on Friday. It was weird at first because it’s all in interview/text/note/excerpt form and there’s not much description/setting/sensory information. When it is there it’s written a bit like stage directions. Definitely a different reading experience. I like to think I’m a pretty good reader and I can ‘get into’ most books but this one took me a little while because it’s so different. You can’t really say that it’s written beautifully because it all comes down to the ideas.

The book is about a group of four teens who befriend their favourite YA author and she ends up writing a book about them - very intriguing. All told in the aftermath, like the Big Little Lies TV show (without the flashbacks, so not really like it at all).

By Saturday I was only 40 pages in so I took the book to the park with me. Reading in the park is nice because it’s sunny and it’s nice to read in other places than my bed. But, I kind of wish that the ground wasn’t so hard and/or that I had something to sit on. I ended up just leaning against my boyfriend but it meant for an okay reading experience. The books were better than the setup of sitting on the grass, put it that way. The story started progressing with quite a lot of twists and even though it’s jumping about with like four perspectives, it got a lot easier to keep up. I think the thing that slowed me down was stopping every ten minutes to admire the sprayed edges.

Sunday was Saturday all over again. More sitting at the park (this time on towels which are meant to be used on the beach but I lived hundreds of miles away from any sand so grass will have to do). I read the bulk of the book!!! And I got used to reading the ‘excerpts’ of the author’s novel about the teenagers. I normally don’t like excerpts of other books in books (aka Fangirl) but it started to draw me in even more. The balance between Miri’s view and Penny and Soleil meant I kept changing my mind about who I believed for a while until this point where I am SOLIDLY on Soleil’s side. Can I be her friend? Then there was a mega plot twist and it pulled on the heartstrings but I didn’t cry or even well up. Maybe I’m cold hearted or maybe it’s because of the format.

Monday aka the day it all came together. No park today but I crawled into bed at 8pm to finish it. All good books are read in beds, I’ve concluded. The final eighty pages kept the same pace and it’s not particularly fast but it’s still enjoyable. All the meta. Still a great concept.

What is my precious truth?
I like reading and this book was a solid 3/5 experience for me. Would read more Lygia Day Peñaflor but kind of scared of ever meeting her because I’ve been warned about meeting YA authors now…

Thank you Bloomsbury for sending me a copy for review.

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