REVIEW: I Was Born For This - Alice Oseman

I Was Born For This - Alice Oseman
Published by Harper Collins on 3rd May 2018.
My rating: 5/5
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I’m so excited to be reviewing this book because I loved it so much.

Mostly because it includes so many themes that I really enjoy reading about, such as:

  • Fandom
  • Music
  • Internet friends
  • Mental Health

I don’t know how Alice Oseman managed to pack so much greatness into one novel.

In some ways, I Was Born For This reminds me of Songs About A Girl by Chris Russell because it focuses on a boy band, The Ark. Jeez, imagine an X Factor final between The Ark and Fire & Lights…In other ways, it reminds me of Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia because of the exploration of fandom and celebrity status. Not to mention the dangers of keeping such a high profile secret.

I Was Born For This is told from two protagonists - Jimmy and Angel. Jimmy’s a member of The Ark and suffers from anxiety. Angel is one of his biggest fans and can’t wait to meet Jimmy before the band’s last concert of their tour. Even better, she’s planning to meet them with her online bestie, Juliet. I liked how it wasn’t all smooth in Angel and Juliet’s friendship and I appreciated the sassy inner thoughts Angel had because it added an excellent level of drama.

Reading about the behind the scenes life of a famous band is so much fun, I can’t ever get enough of it. From the crazy lifestyle to the heightened stakes of every situation, it’s all-consuming and addictive. This story goes even deeper with it’s depiction of mental health issues. Of course, every member of the band views their fame differently. For Jimmy, life is particularly tough. The way his anxiety was presented was gentle but relatable. I’m sure it’s something so many readers of this book will be familiar with. As well as mental health, there were loads of other examples of great representation, from Angel’s faith to Jimmy’s gender.

It was a fun-filled, although dramatic, story of finding happiness. While Angel and Jimmy have contrasting lifestyles, really, they’re both looking for the same thing.

Love, Jess

Thank you Harper Collins for providing a copy for review.

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