Review: The Exact Opposite of Okay - Laura Steven

The Exact Opposite of Okay - Laura Steven
Published by Egmont on 8th March 2018.
My rating: 5/5
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Calling all fans of equal pay, Holly Bourne and women having the vote, this is the newest feminist YA book that you need in your life. Not only is this cover stunning, but the book inside is too and one that has made quite a large impact on me.

I love reading feminist YA, from Moxie to The Nowhere Girls and It Only Happens In The Movies, these books are empowering examples of why teenage girls (and everyone else) needs to stand up for equality. It's for all of those people out there who say feminism "isn't needed anymore". For those who don't realise their own sexist behaviour because it's so normalised.

That's where The Exact Opposite of Okay comes in. Welcome to the witty world of Izzy O'Neill. She's a self-labelled "tragic orphan" with an interests in screen-writing, partying and living with her grandma, Betty (legend).

Izzy's not ashamed to be a teenager that has one night stands. Why should she? If the guys at her school are practically worshipped for their sexual endeavours, why can't she have a little fun? It's not something she thought too much about before that night. 

When a photo leaks and a website launches, Izzy's life changes. She might joke about it on every page of the blog she's turning into a book but, understandably, it's an incredibly hard thing to go through. 

The thing that makes this book so great is that it doesn't just deal with nude photos, sex scandals, and objectification. It also covers the friendzone and nice guy complex too and I don't think I've ever read about that in YA before. Izzy's voice is powerful and distinctive so if you're a fan of character-led YA, this one's for you.

I absolutely loved how, right from the offset, Izzy stood up for herself. She recognised the shit she was being put through and tried to verbalise that to those around her. The worse it got, the more she dug her heels in. There was no learning curve, Izzy knew herself from the beginning and that made this book even more incredible.

Anyway, to sign off. Bitches Bite Back!

Love, Jess

Thank you Egmont for my copy. All links are affiliate links which means I receive a small commission if you purchase the book via my link.

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