What If Time Was Currency? Reviewing Everless By Sara Holland

Everless - Sara Holland
Published by Orchard on 4th January 2018.
My rating: 4/5
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What if time was currency? If you did something right, you gained an hour. If you did something wrong, you lost one. Or a day, a month, a year. It's a terrifying concept and one embodied in Sara Holland's new fantasy series, Everless.

Jules needs more money to pay the rent and more time because it seems that her father is running out. In this world, there is only one option - go to Everless and work for the royal family. Against her father's wishes, Jules does just that. But then she wonders why he was so desperate to stop her.

As someone who doesn't read much fantasy and is often put-off by the overused trends and staples of the genre, I was impressed with Everless. I loved the descriptive writing style because it made me feel like I had been to Everless and that really helped me connect to the story. The luxury life of that small portion of society starkly contrasts the home that Jules has grown up in and gives it a Hunger-Games-esque feel. 

Unlike The Hunger Games, there is love in this story but it's far from the focal point and I respected that. It's refreshing to have a series that is more about the girl and her power. It takes a real badass to confront mortality like that. I can only compare this to Cinder but with a far darker and more twisted edge...

While I thoroughly enjoyed reading Everless at the time, it's not stuck with me as much as I hoped and the twists and turns of the plot have grown foggy for me already. Yet, for me, it's more about standing out in the moment. It did that very well. Fantasy readers, you have to try this.

Love, Jess

Thank you Orchard for my copy.


  1. Loved this review Jess! I also enjoyed the lack of romance in the story and the greater focus on Jules's story.


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