REVIEW: Some Kind Of Wonderful - Giovanna Fletcher

Some Kind Of Wonderful - Giovanna Fletcher
Published by Michael Joseph on 16th November 2017.
My rating: 5/5
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I hadn't read something with relationship drama, female empowerment or best friends in ages and when I saw the blurb for Some Kind Of Wonderful, I was instantly excited. 

Lizzy and Ian met in their first year of university and have been a couple ever since. 10 years have gone by and in that time life has been safe, steady (or as the Tories would have you believe, strong and stable). The only thing is, they still haven't taken the next step and Lizzy is still waiting on a proposal. In their relationship, this kind of move needs to come from Ian. Lizzy is completely invested in their relationship but it's always seemed that Ian isn't quite there yet. Will he ever be?

When I came home from work to find that Some Kind Of Wonderful had reached me, I literally jumped around with excitement. I dropped the book I had already started and threw myself straight into Lizzy and Ian's world. It had to be done.

The book began in the most heartbreaking way, with a holiday to Dubai that should have resulted in the proposal that Lizzy was longing for. Instead, Ian turned out to be cruel and heartless and Lizzy returned without even a boyfriend. Just imagining losing a 10 year relationship gave me the chills. I can't begin to imagine how horrible that would be.

With Lizzy's life completely overturned, she moved back in with her mum and revisited her teenage self. This is where the book becomes a story of self-discovery and finding what it means to be happy. I loved Lizzy's rambling voice. She overthinks and stresses and pressurises herself until she can't think straight anymore and needs a good night with her best friend, Connie. Her family is even more entertaining, especially Michelle, Lizzy's younger sister. She's a few steps ahead of Lizzy in life - with marriage and children on the horizon. Their dynamics were always pushing the limit between friendship and rivalry in the best kind of way. 

Giovanna Fletcher is one of my favourite vloggers and I loved her shoutouts to certain messages I recognised from her channel, like CoppaFeel and her opinions on breastfeeding. It really made this book a Gi book and just like her backlist, notably Dream A Little Dream, I loved it.

Some Kind Of Wonderful was exactly the kind of entertaining winter read I was looking for. The spark of people coming together, shaping each other and pushing themselves towards contentedness is exactly what the season is about. As well as sisters calling each others bitches and all that....

So that's why I'd recommend giving it a go and if you already have, let me know what you thought.

Love, Jess

Thank you to Michael Joseph for my copy.

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