REVIEW: The Surrogate - Louise Jensen

The Surrogate - Louise Jensen
Published by Bookoutre on 27th September 2017.
My rating: 4/5
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You can always count on Louise Jensen to write a fantastic thriller. Of her three novels so far, The Sister, The Gift and now The Surrogate, I haven't been able to guess a single ending correctly. You know those tag lines "best twist ever"? Well, I hate them. I'm sure many of us do. How many "best twist ever"s can there be? But when that kind of tag is attached to Louise Jensen's books, you can trust that the twist will be worth your while. But, I'd argue it's not the strongest aspect of her writing.

I think her true talent comes from the way she creates characters. They're so complex, with detailed histories and layers of issues. You never know how they're going to react when pushed to their limit. They might seem nice, but beneath it all, can you really trust them? I have to go into these stories and keep the characters at a distance now. Never get attached. Trust no one. 

The Surrogate is about a woman named Kat who is desperate to have a baby and her childhood best friend Lisa who is a convenient surrogate. Having struggled to have children for years, Kat finds it hard to accept that this time could be the real deal and a paranoia sets in. Little does she know, there is actually something very dark to be afraid of. 

The story begins with a journalist looking in on a house - a crime scene. Two bodies are being removed. Right from the outset, you're trying to guess who. When you think you know that, you're trying to guess how, why, when? But, it's not until the end that the truth becomes clear and you realise you were entirely wrong. How you too didn't spot the darkness lurking. 

You see, Kat's hiding something in her past and all we know is that it links with Kat's teenage boyfriend and Lisa. As the story went on, the line, 'you mustn't tell, Kat', was repeated over and over. Each time, I found myself scrambling for guesses as to what it could mean.

Kat's husband Nick seems to be hiding something too. That's what I was thinking at the start - either that or he was too perfect. Kat began to annoy me, the way she wound him up, but then I shifted my alliance and started to find Nick too secretive and uncaring. I was wrong about both of them.

For fans of Lisa Hall, Jenny Blackhurst or Louise Jensen's other novels, The Surrogate will give you the creeps right in time for Halloween. 

Love, Jess

Thank you Bookoutre for my digital copy.

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