REVIEW: Blood Sisters - Jane Corry

Blood Sisters - Jane Corry
Published by Penguin on 29th June 2017.
My rating: 3/5
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Highly anticipated. These two words are used a lot but when I say that Blood Sisters was a highly anticipated read for me, it's completely true. I loved Jane Corry's debut thriller My Husband's Wife last year and couldn't wait to see what twisted story she had in store this time around. However, what I didn't expect was just how different Blood Sisters would be. Okay, it shows that she's a versatile writer and one that is not going to churn out the same book a million different ways (cough Linwood Barclay, cough John Grisham), but it left me a little on the fence. Here's why...

Blood Sisters is about the bonds between girls and the secrets they bury. Alison is an artist who gets a job as an artist in residence at a men's prison. On the surface, she's fine, but she's burying some dark feelings. Kitty lives in a home, desperately trying to communicate with people who don't understand her. She can't speak and she has no memory of her life 'before'. The other "sister" is dead. When someone starts to watch them, the truth begins to come out, putting everyone in danger.

While I found Kitty's voice is a bit awkward at times, I have to applaud Corry for taking on such a difficult subject matter. These sections were heart-wrenching in a way I'm not used to, tugging at heart-strings I didn't even know I had. In contrast, Alison is not so openly suffering, but the way she hides it leaves a bitter taste. The flickering perspectives between Kitty and Alison left me torn - I didn't know who to empathise with more - and that was one of the best elements.

I was lucky enough to attend one of Corry's talks last year in which she spoke about her experiences as a writer in residence (I think) at a men's prison. She even explained how she'd stayed the night once... Creepy! Anyway, it's clear to see where the inspiration for the novel came from and it explains the vivid, convincing scenes that you won't find in any other thriller.

But - there are a few buts - I didn't love Blood Sisters as much as My Husband's Wife. I felt that the twists were predictable and the character voices were nowhere near as tight and engaging. Kitty's voice made me uneasy at times and the problematic subject matters left me on the fence. 

There are loads of people loving Blood Sisters and if you've read My Husband's Wife, I encourage you to give it a go. However, if you're new to Jane Corry's works, I would recommend starting with her first release.

Love, Jess

Thank you to Penguin for my ARC.

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