BLOG TOUR: Editing Emma - Chloe Seager

Editing Emma - Chloe Seager
Published by HQ on August 10th 2017.
My rating: 4.5/5
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I am so thrilled to be part of the blog tour for Editing Emma. I saw it and I knew I had to read it and now I'm so glad I did because, well, you'll see...

Right from the first few pages, I was reading sections aloud to my boyfriend so we could laugh together. Emma's voice is so vivid and I'm sure any woman or teenage girl will be able to relate to it. It's the same voice that keeps you up at night analysing every embarrassing moment. The one that points out all your insecurities and is horrendously paranoid, but is also the one that can kick ass from time to time. That's where the humour comes from. The blog format puts you directly in Emma's head where it's a whirlwind of emotions. You laugh with her (and sometimes at her) because the way she documents her experiences is so true to real life. Also, I appreciated the Gilmore Girls references. And The Vampire Diaries ones. And Gilmore Girls - did I already say that? I can really see Emma turning into a Lorelai in her adult life...

The novel starts when Emma is ghosted. If you don't know what that means (lucky you), it's when someone suddenly disappears from your life without a trace. As though they were never there. For Emma, it's her boyfriend Leon and it sucks just as much as it sounds. But after weeks of drowning in Chewit wrappers and cuddling an old plaster, Emma's starts to develop a new plan. A dating plan. She doesn't need Leon, so why shouldn't she let Steph set her up a Tinder profile and start texting Faye's family friend? Oh, naive Emma, there are so many reasons. As you can probably guess, dating does not go smoothly for her. The best part is, she blogs about it all secretly. 

Leon is such a MORON. Seriously. Emma has such a good heart and she's genuinely ready to shower him with attention but he's too busy dating Apple, sorry Anna, and treating Emma like crap. On the same note, Emma's desperation to be with Leon irritated me. Then again, it's something we've all been through. Any teenager starting their dating life will get attached to someone illogically. Even if they're a massive nob. It's yet another way that the book rings true. So, for any parents of teenagers out there - they need this. 

Speaking of parents, Emma's mum is a bit useless. I liked that. She didn't always "get" Emma and for the most part, she got in the way. It left Emma free to make her own mistakes and to navigate the social world on her own. I guess, that's what Editing Emma is really about - being social, online and in person and how that shapes the teens of today and how they form relationships. It does so extraordinarily well.

*For anyone who has already read it, I have to say my highlight had to be the Alex date. You'll know what I mean.*

ANYWAY - I could babble about this book for hours but I'm going to let you read it for yourself! Oh, and Chloe Seager, please, please, please, keep writing. 

Finally... Here's my sort of impression of the cover. I personally think I nailed the teal.

Love, Jess

Thank you to HQ for sending me a copy.

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