REVIEW: You Will Know Me - Megan Abbott

You Will Know Me - Megan Abbott
Published by Picador on 27th July 2017.
My rating: 5/5
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Told from the perspective of a mother named Katie, You Will Know Me is all about the lengths that parents will go to for their children. Katie's daughter Devon is on the verge of becoming a Senior Elite athlete and making the Olympics, which is all she's dreamed of since the age of three. Her other child, Drew, is quiet and goes along with the family chaos that surrounds Devon and Katie's husband Eric is more dedicated to Devon's future than anybody. When a young boy at the gym who everyone likes suddenly dies, the bubbly world of gymnastics takes a dark and sinister turn.

Once more, Megan Abbott proves herself to be the master of tension. Katie's underlying suspicions grow and like any good thriller, you're left guessing for most of the novel until a vicious twist sends you reeling. I absolutely loved reading about the world of gymnastics, as someone who used to compete at a low level. The surface level happiness and the inner fears, anxieties and determination create breath-taking characters. Gwen was such a gym mum in the absolute worst way and I both felt bad for her and hated her at the same time. That's what gymnastics is - so confusing that you just keep moving forward.

Unlike Abbott's other thrillers, You Will Know Me focuses more on the adults' perspectives. Katie is both analysing the situation and her husband, Eric, who she both trusts and speculates about. The family dynamic becomes full of lies until Katie doesn't know who to believe. I found myself second guessing everyone and reading more into recollections than normal because memories were portrayed as weak and fragmented. Creating a novel that is both so easy to read, yet so entirely gripping is a startling achievement that Abbott succeeds in with flair.

I've actually read You Will Know Me twice and the second time around I could see all of the clues leading to the final twist. That didn't make the novel any less powerful, though, and if anything the story became more horrifying. The contrasts that Abbott can create are startling and the progression of all of her novels put me on edge. I can't wait to see what she has in store for her next release in 2018 and in the meantime I'm continuing to hope that someone has the sense to transform You Will Know Me into a TV mini series. That would be epic.

Love, Jess

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