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Consider this my June and July wrap up in one. I've been travelling from Italy to France, The Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, and back to Germany and Italy so, of course, I've had a lot of travel time, meaning a lot of reading time. This could be a horrifically long blog post so I'm going to list the books I've read in order and add a line or two of my thoughts. There's simply no way I could write a full review for all of them! If you want to talk more about any of these books then send me a tweet @JessikahHope

The Girlfriend - Michelle Francis 5/5 

An absolute MUST READ. I cannot stress that enough. Not only does the cover have a beautiful swimming pool image, but the dramatic storyline is so enticing. My head is still reeling from all of the tension between Cherry and her boyfriend's mother, as each woman loves him and wants his full attention.

Blood Sisters - Jane Corry 3/5

Although I don't have as much love for this book as Jane Corry's first thriller, Blood Sisters is interesting as the two protagonists are kept apart until the final quarter of the novel. I have a full review to come soon!

Lie With Me - Sabine Durrant 4/5

Can someone assure me that I'm not the only person who was surprised that this protagonist was male? The voice felt slightly confusing to begin with, but the story soon picked up. It was a little far fetched but still great to disappear into. It's another thriller about lies and deception. WHO CAN YOU TRUST?

With Malice - Eileen Cook 4/5

Oh man, I had been looking forward to reading this one for a while. That's why I'm a bit sad that this story hasn't stayed with me. I honestly can't remember why I gave it a 4. I remember enjoying the YA mystery vibes, especially the parts that involved Italy as it gave the story a spark of summer. Overall, it was fun while it lasted but it's not the most memorable.

Dreaming Of Spain - Alli Sinclair 3/5

This is my first Alli Sinclair reading experience so I opted for a novella to see if I enjoyed the style. While I didn't fall in love with it, I took away an enjoyment for the family aspect of her writing. If you want close knit families and all of the complex emotions that come with them then this is an author for you. I'll definitely be taking on another one of her longer novels.

Sister Sister - Sue Fortin 3/5

I wanted to like this but even the cover was painfully predictable. The storytelling was poor in parts so I'd class this as a bit of a trashy read. I enjoyed it like I might a cringey reality TV show. 

The Good Daughter - Karin Slaughter 5/5

You may have seen my review for the blog tour to celebrate the release of The Good Daughter - if not, here it is.

Emma In The Night - Wendy Walker 4/5

I have a full review coming in August for this one so keep a lookout for that. In short, I loved the way this one had a bit of every genre in it - literary, YA, mystery, thriller - and "it kept me guessing". That's such an overused phrase but entirely appropriate in this case.

No Filter - Orlagh Collins 3/5

I have a full review for No Filter which you can read here.

What Light - Jay Asher 3/5

What better time to read about Christmas trees than June? What Light was so different to Thirteen Reasons Why, Jay Asher's other novel, but it was still great. Written in a relaxed, YA way - you know, the kind you can just sink into - it was exactly what I was looking for.

The One Memory Of Flora Banks 4/5

I did not expect to enjoy this so much which is maybe why the ending completely disappointed me. Everything was going so well and I still had to give it a 4 for being such a different story. Flora has a form of amnesia which holds her back from relationships, until it starts to change. Dun dun duuuun.

Cress - Marissa Meyer 3/5

I don't know what to say other than Cress is the third book in the Lunar Chronicles series, which has a good idea, but is just okay. 

The Woman In Cabin 10 - Ruth Ware 4/5

I cannot decide which I prefer: Ruth Ware's first or second novel. Both are equally as gritty and filled with paranoia. In this one, a woman is the only witness to a murder and no one will believe her. Do not read it alone in the dark. Creep rating: 100%

Stillhouse Lake - Rachel Caine 4/5

As a teenager I loved the Morganville Vampire series and now I'm in my twenties I LOVE this new adult series from Rachel Caine. Think forged identities, murders and prison. One family is on the run and I can't wait to see how their story continues. I loved how Stillhouse Lake was short and snappy, never pausing for breath.

Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda - Becky Albertalli 5/5

Late to the party, I know. Simon is gay and none of his friends know so when he is blackmailed by a kid at school, he's pushed to the limit. The perfect book to celebrate LGBT month.

By Your Side - Kasie West 4/5

Potentially the best Kasie West book, By Your Side is about a romance in a library. It's predictable and cheesy in parts but so happy and it gave me this bubbly feeling of satisfaction because there's nothing too horrifying in this story.

Truly Madly Guilty - Liane Moriarty 4/5

Someone make this into the next Big Little Lies TV show! Although not as great a book, it has amazing potential to be a mini series. Like BLL, the story focuses on one horrible event and the details are slowly pulled out.

Another Together - Lauren James 3/5

A short, okay historical romance novella that I decided to try to see if I could get into Lauren James. I think it will take me a longer book to learn to love the characters and the more traditional writing style. It just didn't excite me that much.

The Couple Next Door - Shari Lapena 4/5

Another one that I highly recommend, you'll probably see The Couple Next Door in all the airport bookshops this summer and that's because it's great. When you think the twisted plot couldn't get worse, it does. I devoured this sinister story in one sitting and there was only one character I liked by the end.

Requiem - Lauren Oliver 3/5

I had to read this because I hate not finishing a series but really, from the way that the Delirium series started, this was just a disappointment. There was so much meaningless action and a lot of deaths I couldn't bring myself to care about. I now don't know if I'd recommend Delirium because why bother get excited by the premise that love is a disease if the series just flops?

This Raging Light - Estelle Laure 3/5

A heart-warming YA novel about a young girl under a lot of pressure after her mum abandons her and her little sister. Trying to keep the secret, she finds comfort in all the wrong places and finds herself at the risk of losing her best friend. This story is serious yet easy, and light and dark all at once.

The End Of Our Story - Meg Haston 3/5

This romance is interesting because it's about a couple that are essentially on the cusp of a break-up. It's funny how this kick starts their narrative and it gripped me through another one sitting reading session. I'm intrigued to pick up Meg Haston's most popular book, Paperweight.

New Boy - Tracy Chevalier 3/5

Othello is one of my favourite Shakespeare plays and so to see it re-written in the youthful American setting made it all the more special to me. The casual (and not so casual) racism that surrounds Osei is enraging and it's easy to follow the parallels between him and Othello. Iago becomes Ian, a jealous school bully with a scheming mind, while the girls on the playground become the love interests. Their skipping games make them appear to be fickle, but just like Shakespeare's play, they turn out to be the most lovable characters of all.

Totalling less than 200 pages, New Boy was a snappy version of the classic which managed to capture every mood of the original. From the overwhelming romance to the dark betrayal, the school playground was the perfect setting for the quick ups and downs of relationship drama. It increased my love for Othello even more.

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