Inspired by Italy.

It's been three weeks since I last posted an update (if you can even call that an update?). I told you how I'd taken a decent break from writing and was about to get stuck into the looming challenge that was draft four. 

Momma and I went over to Italy where I spent the mornings editing (inside - I am not an insect kind of girl) and the afternoons reading. The perfect combo was amazing, but draft four has possibly been the hardest stage yet and I'm still not done. In fact, I'm determined to get through it before I go away again this weekend so that I can have another break before draft 5. Phew. I feel like I'm running or something, who knew that editing could be so exhausting. 

Everyone who has been reading my third draft has come back to me - yay! Now there's no excuse for me to fix the typos, small inconsistencies and character development issues that I'm working on. Any niggle that I've buried at the back of my brain, they have brought forward so that I have to combat it. Any little thing that I don't 100% love and want to stand by, I have to fix. It's now or never. In short, this is why early readers are essential and I am so thankful for them. 

Another major thing that happened was I got my university results! If you're new to my writing update series then you should know that I submitted the first two chapters of my WIP as my dissertation. On Friday I found out they were awarded first class marks, leaving me with a 2:1 in my English degree. Needless to say, I'm very pleased and I'm encouraged by the fact that my current WIP has earned me my highest marks across the three years. It's a confidence boost to say the least.

So, going into the end of June and start of July I'm going into another break before the big final draft and the submission process begins. If anyone has any top tips for submitting manuscripts, do let me know...

Love, Jess

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