REVIEW: Not Working - Lisa Owens

Not Working - Lisa Owens
Published by Picador on 15th June 2017.
My rating: 4/5
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First off, isn't this cover of Not Working so beautiful? I hugely prefer it to the hardback version that launched last year. I think the gorgeous blue and yellow aesthetic fits the tone perfectly.

Claire quits her job to find herself and discover her true, meaningful purpose. Her boyfriend Luke has always been ambitious and is on the way to becoming a surgeon, but what is her calling? On her "journey", Claire observes the world around her and the people in her life, calling everything into question with her Bridget Jones-esque humour. 

I've been aware of Not Working for a while. It's one of those books that floated in my periphery, whispering read me, but I couldn't hear it over all of the other books shouting at me. Okay, now I just sound a bit crazy. What I'm trying to say is that I wish I'd picked up Not Working a bit sooner. It's packed with detail as the story flickers around at rapid pace. You might get just a line or a snippet of a scene before moving onto Claire's next observation. From her relationship with her parents, to her boyfriend Luke and her job hunt and complicated friends, there's so much depth beneath the surface of every relationship.

So many times whilst reading this, I found myself highlighting lines and reading them to people. "Isn't this true?" I would say, as Owens once again touched on something that everyone is aware of, but no one ever talks about. From grandparents to boyfriends, her social commentary was a brilliant form of honest comedy. 

The only reason I couldn't give this a 5/5 was because I already know it's not a book that will stay with me forever. It was light and fun and so engaging, but not earth-shattering. That's not a bad thing, though, we all need something to relax in and simply enjoy from time to time.

If you haven't read Not Working yet and are looking for a humorous summer read, I couldn't recommend this more.

Love, Jess

Thank you Picador for my ARC.

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