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I have just finished editing the second draft of my manuscript, ahhhh! The joy is real. 

I know. That seems like a big leap. Last month, I was writing about finishing off the first draft. I was over 15,000 words from wrapping it up and I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. The months of planning and writing were coming to an end and I'd have the story to mess about with. While that all sounds amazing, I wish it was that lovely in reality. 

Really, I love writing the first draft.

In the first draft, there's no pressure. You can be writing absolute crap, thinking this is just the first draft, I'll change it later. In the second draft, later has arrived and BOOM, the pressure is on.

It's strange as well, reading over what you wrote months ago and visiting it like a stranger. There were some chapters that flowed well the first time around and needed less attention than most, while there were a few horrendous ones that needed entirely re-writing. There were many moments when I sat there, stared into space and wondered: what was I thinking?

Of course, reading plays a massive role in keeping me engaged with my writing. This month I've particularly enjoyed One Italian Summer by Keris Stainton and Windfall by Jennifer E Smith. Both of these authors are brilliant at capturing YA voices and are amazing at conveying good messages without being cheesy (that's an art form!). I've also been devouring the Netflix series and novel, Thirteen Reasons Why, as it's a great example of structured story-telling. Other than that, I was hugely inspired just yesterday by the new Paramore song, Hard Times. Editing = hard times.

Over the next month I plan on taking a few days to gather my thoughts and then tackling draft three. While draft two was more to do with making the writing style consistent, the characters fully fleshed and deleting all the rubbish, draft three will be more of a structural overview. If you remember from my second writing update, structure is hard. So wish me luck! After that, I'm hoping to send it off to some of my early readers and start researching agents. Finding the right one is important!

Are you an editing kind of person or a first draft writer?

Love, Jess

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