REVIEW: But Then I Came Back - Estelle Laure

But Then I Came Back - Estelle Laure
Published by Orchard on 6 April 2017
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My rating: 4/5

First off, there are so many good books out this week! But Then I Came Back is one of them. It's a companion novel to This Raging Light. Having not read This Raging Light, I can confirm that one can be enjoyed without the other. So keep reading!

Poignant and magical, But Then I Came Back is about an ordinary girl telling an extraordinary story.

Seventeen year old Eden nearly drowns and experiences the "In Between" of life and death. Obsessed with the month she spent in a coma, she finds it difficult to come back to herself and ends up trying to understand the other side. 

Using magical realism (or as she calls it 'realism realism'), Estelle Laure maps the inexplicable events that lead Eden to believe that there's more after death. She meets a boy that changes her perspective on fate and destiny, calling attention to some of the biggest questions of the universe. 

I loved the small touches like the names of each chapter and the literary quotes that Eden uses. Her sarcasm and fierceness made her such a likeable character. While a lot of characters in YA fiction are depicted as awkward, uncomfortable teenagers, Eden's imperfections are shown in a unique way. She does have friends and a family and it's her selfishness that makes her flawed.

The only thing that sort of let it down for me was the narrative arc. I felt that the story didn't climb and climb to a massive peak, but rather drifted along poetically. Some readers will absolutely love this, but personally I felt that it started off a 5/5 read, dipped to 3/5 in the middle and rose again at the end. Overall, it's an entertaining read with some big topics.

Now is the time to discuss Estelle Laure; one of the newest and most distinct voices in YA fiction.

Love, Jess

Thank you Orchard for sending me a copy.


  1. Oh I hadn't realized it was a companion to This Raging Light! I enjoyed that one so I will have to pick this up. Great review!

    1. Yep! I need to pick up This Raging Light now haha, I love companion novels.


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