Pleasure Or Purpose? Backwards Sex Education / REVIEW: Doing It! - Hannah Witton

Doing It! - Hannah Witton
Published by Wren & Rook on 6 April 2017.
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My rating: 5/5

When I was about to hit puberty my mum gave me a book. As a reader and quite a shy adolescent, this was by far the best thing she could have done. I distinctly remember it being called Hair In Funny Places and it took a humorous approach to telling me about all the joys to come. I learnt most of my sex ed from that book, school and the rumours that start going round when you're in year seven. So, essentially, there were some mixed messages and some completely missed messages and I was confused.

Here is where Doing It! by Hannah Witton steps in. If you're 14, 20 or 25, there are probably still some questions and anxieties you have, even if you don't know that you have them yet. Or you've probably not thought about what it means to have a porn addiction, what feminist porn is, or what it means to be gender fluid, transsexual and the other relatively new terms in our society. Who adopts those labels? Why? 

Of course, sex positive YouTuber Hannah is the narrator of this learning curve. She shares her own stories and even interviews the women in her family through the generations to track the development of sex education. And it's still not there. Some things are still missing! Why do adults have sex if it's not for babies? Why is only heterosexual sex on the curriculum? There are more questions where those came from and Hannah is determined to raise awareness of these crucial issues, admitting that her dream is to alter the curriculum of sex education in the UK.

As fabulous as Hannah is - believe me, some of her anecdotes will make you feel like she's your best friend - she also gets some guests to write informative and personal sections about topics like being bisexual, dating as transgender, etc. Understanding that she can't speak for them, Hannah gives the people who are usually oppressed in our society, a platform to speak on and those people do so in the most honest, personal and brilliant ways. 

Ultimately Hannah pulls together serious topics of abuse, consent, contraception and rape, amongst the more 'pleasant' topics of orgasms, pleasure and masturbation to educate in the most entertaining way. You may feel somewhat cringe-y about it, but it really is a fun reading experience. Seriously. Think wacky fonts, pages of craziness and drawings of genitals. Very informative drawings of genitals...You also don't have to read it cover to cover. Pick a chapter, pick a page, and learn. It's a unique reading experience that feels more like having a very frank conversation with your friends. 

It can sometimes be embarrassing to admit you don't know 'everything' yet. But Doing It! is out now. Grab a copy and let me know what you think about the sexual education curriculum here in the UK (or wherever you are in the world!). 

Love, Jess

Thank you to the publishers for sending me a copy.

Also head on over to Hannah's channel for more sex positive education!

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