January Reading Madness

TBR = completed. I can't believe how many books I got through in January, it's probably a reading record for me! 

13 books
5,541 pages (which is 178 a day!)
9 Physical books, 3 eBooks

I'm going to order this by rating, starting with the lowest rated and ending with my favourites of the month...

1. Pamela - Samuel Richardson


This ticked off my epistolary novel challenge.

Oh dear lord. This book is the description of "nothing happens" and it's realllly long. Seriously, don't bother.

2. My True Love Gave To Me - Various Authors 


This was the first book I read of the year and I felt like it contained only one memorable short story. This Christmas-themed collection was a sad disappointment.

3. Gone With The Wind - Margaret Mitchell


This was my "long book" for the year at 1,010 pages.

The content of this book is enjoyable and the writing is reasonably entertaining - it's the length that destroys all hope of me loving it. If it were a trilogy... Maybe.

4. Weirdo - Cathi Unsworth


The flicking back and forth between characters and time-frame in Weirdo makes it so hard to follow and there are far better thrillers out there - I promise.

5. When You Were Here - Daisy Whitney


A YA novel from a male perspective isn't all that common so this was a unique reading experience. I also liked the travel aspect as it crosses the borders of America and China. 

6. Bitter End - Jennifer Brown


Another YA novel, this time about domestic abuse, it was a great book for some light reading. Man, that feels wrong. "Light" and "abuse" should not go in the same sentence. Maybe that was the problem with Bitter End, it made a serious issue a little too cosy...

7. Man And Ball - Stephen Ferris


My non-fiction challenge sorted.

As a huge Ulster rugby fan and Ireland supporter, it was great to read about an ex-player's experiences. Stephen was insanely talented and I loved hearing his anecdotes. Unfortunately, the ghost writer who put the book together didn't understand tenses.

8. Luckiest Girl Alive - Jessica Knoll


My mum will back me up on this one - the first half doesn't blow you away but you have to stick with it because this story will take you completely by surprise. A thriller that actually does have a great twist!

9. Replica - Lauren Oliver


A book with at least two perspectives - done.

I don't normally read Sci-Fi but Replica is an example that Sci-Fi can defy its tropes and be successful in a YA setting. It was engaging and I'll most likely be continuing with the series.

10. Before I Let You In - Jenny Blackhurst


A book with an unreliable narrator.

Having loved Jenny Blackhurt's first novel, I hoped Before I Let You In could match it and the plot hasn't left me yet. Dark and written in a clever style, it had me guessing the whole way through.

11. The End Of Everything - Megan Abbott


Megan Abbott is a goddess of literature, okay? Her writing is just gorgeous. The way she describes things and creates an atmosphere is entirely compelling. Anne Tyler is the only author who comes close to her.

12. Harry Potter And The Cursed Child - John Tiffany and Jack Thorne


A book from the Goodreads Choice Awards 2016.

There's so much talk about this screenplay online but you can only really make up your mind if you've engaged with it for yourself and personally, it blew me away. It was funny, gripping and a dose of the Harry Potter world I love. I'm not desperate to go and see it in the theatre.

13. In A Dark, Dark Wood - Ruth Ware


I read this book for my dissertation and never have I become so obsessed with a novel I'm studying. It was perfectly executed and completely unpredictable, with vivid characters and a style that gave me a thirst for more Ruth Ware. Someone pass me a copy of The Woman In Cabin 10.

What did everyone else read in January? Let me know if you got through your TBR for the month!

Love, Jess


  1. Yikes. Poor Pamela. I will have to avoid her. I can't believe I still haven't made it all the way through Gone with the Wind. I haven't paid much attention to In A Dark, Dark Wood, but now I'm going to add it to my library list.

    1. Pamela is horrendous, I think mostly because it was an old man writing about a 15 year old girl years and years ago... I don't like leaving negative reviews so I'll leave it at that! Definitely get hold of In A Dark, Dark Wood, it's such a brilliant thriller, the kind not to read when you're home alone at night (like I did!)


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