REVIEW: A Quite Kind Of Thunder - Sara Barnard


"Panic attacks are a lot like being drunk in some ways: you lose self-control. You cry for seemingly no reason. You deal with the hangover long into the next day."

Last year the world went crazy for Sara Barnard's novel Beautiful Broken Things. I have that particular title sat on my bookshelf at the moment begging to be read but unfortunately for me university reading must take priority. Believe me, it's driving me mental not reading it because I've heard so much praise for Sara Barnard's story-telling. That's why I jumped at the chance of reviewing A Quiet Kind Of Thunder.

This is Sara's second novel and thoroughly impressive. Steffi is a selective mute and Rhys is deaf - probably the most unlikely two people to become friends, but of course, friendship and love know no boundaries. Surpassing prejudice, personal difficulties and fears, the two embark on a connection that takes them on a whirlwind adventure.

I loved the dynamics between Steffi and Rhys. Outside of romantic stereotypes, the pair go through communication difficulties and frustration that I think everyone can learn from. With little knowledge of what it means to be a selective mute or how deaf people deal with certain situations, I found the novel enlightening and insightful. Of course, their communication problems don't become their personalities, that's just a small part in much bigger characters. In this way, Sara integrates teens of all kinds into the same world, taking away the arbitrary "us" and "them" feel that can sometimes surround disability story-telling.

Steffi's best friend Tem is a really great addition to the novel. She got me thinking that just because you've been friends with someone for a long time, that doesn't have to mean that you will be friends with them forever. In a subtle and clever way, Sara Barnard shows how friends grow up, whether that be growing apart or together but you're never too late (or too troubled) to keep making friends. 

A Quiet Kind Of Thunder has a beautiful cover to go with it's pretty name and is a quick, easy and engaging story. It deals with difficult issues in a light manner and covers everything from disability to romance. 

So if you want to kick 2017 off with a fantastic read I couldn't recommend A Quite Kind Of Thunder more. Pick up your copy here! I can't wait to go back and read Beautiful Broken Things and I'm sure I'm not the only one eagerly anticipating what Sara Barnard writes next.

Love, Jess


  1. I'd never heard of it before but now I want to read it desperately!!!
    Lovely review :)
    - Rita

    1. Thanks! You so should and read Beautiful Broken Things too because I'm sure that'll be A-mazing.


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