New Year Reading Resolutions

In 2016 I set myself my biggest reading challenge yet - to devour 100 books in 52 weeks - and I'm happy to say I more than completed it!

Heading in to 2017, I don't want to push myself to read more (it probably wouldn't be physically possible) so instead I'm going to make a few different reading resolutions. Hopefully these will inspire you to think about what's important to you when it comes to reading. I want to encourage people to think more widely than how many books they've read because surely the fun we have reading is more important than the number we collate. 

1. Take More Risks

I usually stick to authors I've read before or heard a lot about but this year I joined Netgalley and found myself branching out more and choosing a book purely because of it's cover or title. I even went into a few books completely blind and loved them! Taking risks work people!

2. Complete A Readathon

Some of my favourite BookTubers, notably BooksandLala, complete regular Readathons and I absolutely love watching them update every day with their progress and I even get reading-envy. So next year I am going to pick a readathon and join in - why not? It could challenge me in so many ways and help me become more involved in the blogging community.

3. Don't Be Afraid To Re-Read

For some reason re-reading doesn't feel all that productive to me and I've hardly re-read anything in 2016 although I've really wanted to. Next year, I want to strike that balance right and be able to enjoy some of my favourites again and again.

4. Join More Blog Tours

This is more for me as a book blogger than as a reader but I really need to get myself more involved, whether it's hosting Q&As, guest  posts, or writing reviews. This year everything was new to me so I told myself I'd learn it all in time. That hasn't really happened as much as I'd like so next year I need to put myself out there more and learn by experience!

5. Get Creative

Again, this is another blogging resolution but it all starts with the books I read. Instead of posting reviews 80% of the time, I want to vary my blog with more thoughtful posts, hauls, wrap-ups and general writing. Some of these posts have previously been my most popular and probably the ones I've had the most fun writing.

Happy New Year everyone! Let me know what your reading resolutions are.

Love, Jess

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