I'm not one for posting monthly TBRS, wrap-ups, favourites or anything like that but now it's coming to the end of this horrendous year I thought it'd be a good idea to celebrate all of the wonderful books that came into my life in 2016. Now, these won't be books that were released in 2016 - I often find myself reading back-list titles. These are the books I discovered this year!

1. You Will Know Me - Megan Abbott

I seriously loved the writing style in this book. The story, which centres on a family and their gymnastics club, is dark and gripping. I loved how this was so female-led yet so powerful as well. A refreshing, fierce read.

2. The Unexpected Everything - Morgan Matson

500 pages of sheer bliss. Who says young adult should be short? I couldn't get enough of Andy's story. With a political dad and an explosive friendship group, she goes through a summer that changes her whole perspective on life. Each character was lovable and I'd love to revisit them again.

3. In Order To Live - Yeonmi Park

A true account of a woman's journey to survival. This raw, honest portrayal of North Korean life is insightful and emotional. Of all the books I read this year, I clung to this one the most. Unputdownable.

4. The Art Of Being Normal - Lisa Williamson

With transgender characters on the rise, it was great to read a book in which the main character actually has more to their personality than their gender and sexuality. A sweet, easy-read that I'd recommend to everyone.

5. Daughter - Jane Shemilt

The story of a woman who's daughter goes missing, Daughter is a dramatic, domestic thriller. The cover reminds me of Room by Emma Donoghue and the writing is perhaps even more intense.

6. The Lost And The Found - Cat Clarke

If anyone's been watching The Missing on BBC, all I can say is: you have to read The Lost And The Found. I've never read a book before about a missing persons case when the person comes back. Cat Clarke uncovers complex emotions and questions the depth of family in this combination of my two favourite categories, a young-adult thriller.

7. Everything Everything - Nicola Yoon

The cover is beautiful. The story is beautiful. Just read it. This is the life of a girl who cannot go outside and begins when she sees a new neighbour, an attractive teenager, from her window. This could so easily be cliché but instead it's wonderful.

8. Eat Sweat Play - Anna Kessel

Another non-fiction love from this year, Eat Sweat Play motivated me to re-evaluate the way I saw women in sport, even the way I saw myself. Now, I'm not the most sporty person in the world and you don't have to be to get the most out of this book. It's another one I think everyone should read; discussing sexism, body-image and what can happen if you vow to make a change.

9. Tell Me No Lies - Lisa Hall

Perhaps the most powerful ending I've read all year, Tell Me No Lies is a shocking psychological thriller. I read it quickly because it was intensely gripping, with a writing style that invites you into the world of the story easily. Steph's journey to trust again takes a twisting turn when she grows close to her neighbours.

10. Faceless - Alyssa B Sheinmel

After being injured in a lightning strike, Maisie Winter's life is completely different. This innovative portrayal of perception, prejudice and growing up is heart-breakingly good.

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