I'm writing this from my university's library on a Sunday afternoon. Why am I here? Because earlier this week my laptop decided, after a short life of six months, it wanted to die. It committed suicide by deleting it's own operating system. A bit extreme, but there was nothing I could do. I only wish I'd noticed the signs...

Living without a laptop, as every writer, blogger and student will know, is tough in this day and age. When you have your debut novel coming out that week, it becomes even more difficult to get by without the internet...

That brings me to what I need to say: Trace This Scar will be out on Thursday 24th November. You can find it on Amazon, or the Excalibur Press website in both eBook and physical formats.

I have an exciting blog tour lined up with some really wonderful readers, some reviews being published in university publications and a YouTube collaboration all coming up this week. To stay tuned you can keep an eye on my Facebook page or Twitter.

I'm really looking forward to hearing what readers have to say. It feels like ages ago that this story was born and now it's finally time to let it go. For now, I'll leave you with the blurb...

A Lie. A Betrayal. A Murder. Daphne has everything she's been dreaming of since the day her parents died when she was a teenager. A husband, a home and a job. The only problem is her beloved Rich's ex girlfriend Gina who won't leave them alone. Filled with jealousy, Gina's interference soon escalates into harassment. But one day, Gina disappears. When Rich is sentenced to sixteen years in prison for murdering Gina, Daphne refuses to believe he is guilty. But what else could explain his mysterious disappearances? And if Rich didn't kill Gina... ... Then who did?

Love, Jess

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