Recent Reads: Short stories, YA and a thriller

Welcome to a new series: Recent Reads. Instead of bombarding you with loads of lengthy reviews, I thought I'd give you an insight into what I've been reading lately. That way you'll never miss a good book... Or, I'll never miss sharing one!

I like mixing things up and never starting a book of the same genre as the one I just finished so there'll be quite a combination in this series. Let's just go with it.

Right now I am halfway through Fixing Delilah, a YA novel about an American teen discovering family secrets. It's got an edge of romance, a complicated mother-daughter relationship (or two) and a dark background. I'm enjoying the family focus but hoping there will a shocking element in the final 100 pages to keep this book at the front of my mind and recommendations. 

Last, I read Legoland by Gerard Woodward. Yes, short stories aren't the most popular of genres. I've always wondered, why not? They're great! Gerard's collection is a great example of bursts of action, interesting characters and life's laughable moments. They vary in length but the whole collection is 300 pages of 15 stories. It's nice to dip in and out of, or just to plough through like you would with a Netflix TV show. 

Before that I read Tell Me No Lies by Lisa Hall which is set to be released 20th October - a full review to follow on publication week! I can assure you it's engaging, unpredictable and very, very creepy, I wasn't 100% comfortable reading this at night, home alone. You'll see why.

Earlier in September I read Invincible Summer which was given to me by Picador, Pan Macmillan. This is a literary novel resembling One Day, except instead of a couple growing up and apart, it's a friendship group. I liked the multiple perspectives and ageing of the characters as they battled careers, family and love. While this picture of the cover doesn't look too great, I can assure you that on a hardback it looks beautiful. We all love a pretty book for our shelf.

These books have all been 4/5 reads for me so I've been lucky! Do you mix it up or go through phases?

Thanks for reading!

Love, Jess

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