REVIEW: Stealing Snow - Danielle Paige


First off, I am using the American book cover in this review because it's so damn beautiful. 

This is an exciting review for me as the very first post on this blog consisted of me sharing my thoughts on Dorothy Must Die. Now, for the second time, I'm looking at a Danielle Paige series - this one's due for release this October.

Stealing Snow is about a girl (named Snow) who is kept in a mental institution. She's been there for years with no sign of getting any better and her only anchor to reality is a wonderful guy named Bale (who unfortunately is obsessed with fire). Through a series of events, Snow finds herself in another world and on a mission to save everything and everyone she loves. Sounds like a pretty epic story - it is.

The first third of the story was my favourite. I loved Snow's relationship with Vern in the institution and all of her confusion. There were so many questions and so many twists. What was going on with her nightmares? Were they connected to reality? What was wrong with Snow? Why did Bale freak out when they shared a first kiss? I was dying to unravel the story as fast as possible.

However, I found that this excitement wasn't consistent. After Snow entered the magical world a lot of the questions were answered while few new ones arose. I was intrigued by a unique, unpredictable character named Jagger but the story transformed into too many fight scenes and too little character development for my taste.

Also, I wasn't particularly impressed as a woman reading about a woman who seemed so... Pathetic. At times. Sometimes Snow was a badass but a lot of the time her only real motives were men and her only real power seemed to be released because of them. It infuriated me that she couldn't be her own person or do anything for herself. It wasn't integral to the story, I believe, for her to become obsessed by three potential romances. Three just seemed excessive for the first book in a series.

Now the rant has started it might as well continue. I felt like Danielle Paige recycled a few elements from her previous books. I'm pretty sure permasmile was a thing in Dorothy Must Die and the same exists with a new icy name in Stealing Snow - permafrost. 

That being said, it was overall an enjoyable read. I personally won't be continuing with the series but if you're a fan of Danielle Paige or want a bit of extra magic in your life it's worth picking up. You can grab a copy here.

Love, Jess

I received a copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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