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If you haven’t heard of Lauren Graham I urge you to stop reading this review instantly (keep it open though, you can come back here later) and watch the entirety of Gilmore Girls. One of the best American TV shows ever, Gilmore Girls stars Lauren Graham as a single mother and business woman who has Bridget Jones’ klutziness with an original zest of fire. Lorelai is electric, always bouncing, always funny and always charming. I saw a lot of Lorelai in Lauren Graham’s protagonist Franny Banks in her debut novel Someday Someday Maybe.

Franny is an aspiring actress who moves to New York with a three year deadline. In three years if she hasn’t “made it”, she promises herself she will give up acting and get a “real job”. The novel tracks Franny’s final six months of her deadline as she makes difficult decisions regarding jobs, agents, boyfriends and housemates. Her character is realistically flawed, often doubting herself and seeking approval from others in an industry that feels completely above her. I loved Franny’s honesty and her development as at the end of the novel she’s not turned into perfect wonder-actress, but rather her same old self with some important life lessons learnt.

Lauren Graham
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I listened to Someday Someday Maybe as an audiobook, read by Lauren Graham, which was a wonderful experience. Of course, I haven’t read the print version so I can't exactly compare, but I’d argue that hearing Lauren read the words adds a whole new layer to the story. She is first and foremost an actress so when Lauren reads about the struggles of acting through her protagonist, it is as though she is both acting and being herself at once. The line between story and reality is difficult to find, but it doesn’t matter. Either the story is really realistic or really real. But who cares? It’s a well-told, humorous, enjoyable read.

While a lot of women’s fiction is looked down upon as a lowly, poor genre, Someday Someday Maybe is one of those books that throws this stereotype in with the rubbish. Much like Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You, Someday Someday Maybe is undeniably emotional. Without you even realising you are drawn in to Franny’s emotions, identifying with her and almost becoming her, in a way no other genre can really capture. Yes, it’s funny, but it’s mature too. It deals with the harsh realities of life and the pressures of time – including the notion that you have to achieve everything you want before you turn 30. Lauren includes a load of social pressures and ideas into a relatively light-hearted story, something which I think is a fantastic achievement.

I read online that Someday Someday Maybe has been optioned for a TV series, with Lauren adapting the novel to script. Whether or not that is still a work in process (3 years have passed after all), I don’t know. Let’s hope it makes it onto our screens soon!

Have you read Someday Someday Maybe? If not I seriously recommend you get a copy (here) and let me know what you think.

Love, Jess 

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