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"Faceless is gorgeous and wrenching, full of gigantic questions and even more gigantic answers about love, identity and appearance" - New York Times bestselling author Luanne Rice 

The book in short: a teenager named Maisie is perfectly 'normal'. She loves running, her parents argue all the time and her boyfriend just asked her to the prom. Except, one day she's caught in a storm which turns into an electrical fire that destroys part of her face. Maisie has to come to terms with the accident that changed her life and with the face transplant she never expected to go through. It's about perception, relationships and the importance of appearance in a person's identity.

Alyssa Sheinmel obviously did a hell of a lot of good, strong research for Faceless. You can really tell in her believable writing that what she is portraying is true. I mean, of course no one would find it easy to undergo a face transplant, but the science behind it and the long-term influence on a person's life is something that I'm sure few of us know a lot about. I think that research was necessary to get the depth and convincing plotlines of the story, such as when Maisie stops taking her meds - that was scary.

Alyssa Sheinmel
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I loved how Maisie's friendship with Serena was so strong. It was obviously flawed but their connection was so beautiful to see even though their personalities were different. There weren't many characters in this book so there was a lot of space to get to know why Maisie and Serena clicked and I appreciated that!

I can see how Maisie might not appeal to a lot of readers as she spends most of the book being completely miserable (understandably). The whole story is realistically sad and doesn't lift much above heart-break except for the inch of hope at the end. So if you're not into these kinds of novels and would rather stay with lighter reads, I don't think Faceless is for you. However, if you're a fan of The Fault In Our Stars by John Green or Wonder by R J Palacio, then you're bound to enjoy Faceless too.

Let me know what you thought of Faceless - you can buy the book here if you're interested in reading it. Have you read any others of Alyssa Sheinmel's novels? I haven't, but should I?

Love, Jess

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