REVIEW: Everything Everything - Nicola Yoon


Oh the Amazon three paperbacks for a tenner deal, you are a lifesaver once more. I was looking for some inspiration and new authors, particularly those in the Young Adult genre and placed Nicola Yoon's Everything Everything in my Amazon basket... Mostly to make it from two books to three and get the deal to be honest. I definitely didn't expect this novel to be so addictive and enjoyable - but it is!

Maddie is allergic to the outside world and has remained confined in her house for 18 long years. When I read the blurb I thought "allergic" was a metaphor for a phobia of large spaces/crowds/being in the outside world. But no, she is genuinely allergic. Maddie falls in love with the boy next door (hardly a spoiler) and when her eyes are opened to the world of love, her frustration with her illness grows. She just wants to experience the world.

There was a line in the book from Maddie's nurse Carla that went something like "you teenagers are all the same, we give you an inch and you want a mile" which really touched me - it's so true. I also loved how Yoon really focussed on an appreciation of the small things, of simply feeling alive and seeing all the wonder in the world.

I've heard countless BookTubers go on about the awesomeness of Nicola Yoon and now I've seen it for myself I can't wait for her next book The Sun Is Also A Star which is due for release this November. Have you read Everything Everything? What did you think? If you haven't but would like to you can grab yourself a copy here.

Love, Jess 

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