REVIEW: The Edge Of Everything - Jeff Giles


Remember back in May when I wrote about the awesome Dorothy Must Die as my first ever blog post? I was shocked that I had enjoyed magical realism. Many people associate fantasy and magical realism with their younger years and personally I find it hard to connect with these stories, perhaps because I find them too difficult to relate to or because the delivery can sometimes make me cringe. Well, here we are again. I've just read what I believe to be the best YA Fantasy of 2017.

The Edge Of Everything is about a teenager named Zoe who has had a pretty tough time. Her dad died in a caving accident she can't understand and the grief is still chasing her. Then, on one icy evening, everything changes. She meets X aka a bounty hunter  who must deliver evil souls to the Lowlands. But when X meets Zoe he realises he doesn't want to go back to hell, and why should he?

I thought Zoe was really witty and realistic as a teenage girl. She was smart and determined but weakened by the loss of her dad. X was the complete opposite, lacking any education but being so physically powerful. In that way, the romance of this story reminded me of Beauty And The Beast. When the perspective shifted for the first time from Zoe to X, I began to worry. Was Zoe not the badass woman I had initially witnessed? Was she going to be kept entirely out of the action? I simply couldn't see what role she had left to play. But that's were Jeff Giles comes in, masterfully interweaving the stories of his characters in a tangle of romance, laughter and shocking twists.

There were moments when I couldn't turn the pages fast enough - I needed to know what would happen next faster than I could read it! Then, there were other times when I savoured every word and reread pages simply to soak up how beautiful they were. If you enjoy YA, love stories or fantasy, this is the book for you.

The Edge Of Everything will be released in February 2017 and it's the start of a brand new series. I urge you to add it to your wish lists now! Who else is as excited as me for this new YA Fantasy? 

Love, Jess

I received a copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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