Reading In Public

We've all been there. You're reading a chick-lit, a YA or Fifty Shades and you don't want anyone to know. But you're in public. Be it on the train or by the pool you have the battle of wanting to read while not wanting anyone to see you. 

This is usually the part where everyone blesses the creation of the Kindle, a wonderful solution that lets you hide the dust jacket and keep your dignity. But I'm just going to ask one thing: why bother hide?

Seriously. Why? You're reading a book for you. No one else has to like it but you. Romance is the best selling genre in the whole of literature and for some reason many of us are ashamed to be caught reading it. Why does it matter if you're reading Jane Austen of E L James? Why does it matter if you're three years late to the most popular thriller of the decade? Here you go: It doesn't.

Now, I know it's easier said than done. You can feel quite paranoid that people are making assumptions of you but you have to remember that a) it doesn't matter if they are and b) they probably aren't anyway. Chances are everyone around you will be glued to their phones anyway, they probably won't even notice. 

It's like when someone hears you listening to certain pop music and comments on your music taste, if anything you end up judging them more for making such a comment. You're entitled to like what you like and feel comfortable embracing it. Go on, whack out something steamy next time you're on the bus - I dare you.

If someone's going to judge you by your book cover... Well, you know how the saying goes.

Love, Jess

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