How To Control Your TBR In 3 Simple Steps

For those who are new to the world of book blogging, or simply don't know what a TBR is, it stands for 'To Be Read' and represents the pile or list of books readers intend to read.

Now, when you start a TBR (and I mean a physical or online list, not just one in your memory) it's bound to grow. Unless you control it it's going to grow behind the realms of possibility which kinda defeats the point of it. A TBR is there for when you're choosing a book but don't want to spend ages doing research, it tells you what you have already found. But if your TBR is massive then it just becomes a bit pointless.

So here's how to control your TBR in 3 simple steps...

1. Keep It All In One Place

Seriously, use Goodreads or make a Word document or get a pen and paper but just choose one and stick to it. Otherwise you'll lose your list and it will take you ages to find anything. I'd recommend Goodreads the most - you can see other people's ratings and reviews and keep it all linked to your profile where it's safe.

2. Be Picky

If you add every book you ever hear of to your TBR you are doomed from the get go. Read the blurb, make an opinion on the cover and maybe see what the general ratings are before you decide to add it to your TBR. Books by an author you've read before are a safe bet but if you're stepping out of your comfort zone maybe just add the one book by that author first before you decide to read their entire collection of works. Also, know yourself. TBRs are usually done monthly so if you can only read six books in a month - pick roughly six books. Not sixty.

3. Use Trusted Sources

It sounds a bit too picky but believe me your favourite BookTubers and Bloggers are your favourites for a reason - they get you, they know what you like. I'd trust other readers with similar tastes above all the reviews. Obviously, it's hard to say you won't like a book without trying it but it's worth reordering your priorities.

Anyway, I hope that helps you maintain a healthy TBR! Comment with any other tips you have.

Love, Jess

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