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Who doesn't love a bit of crime fiction? The dun dun duuun moments that you can't stop thinking about before you go to sleep, the clues that you figure out seconds before the detective, the horror of events - it's all so gripping. That's the thing, when a crime novel is good, it's really good.

That brings me nicely to Alex Clare's debut novel He's Gone. It follows the character of DI Robyn Bailley. But Robyn wasn't always Robyn, she used to be Roger until the novel opens and she begins her transition. Of course, her week doesn't get any less stressful. Set over the course of nine days, Robyn has to deal with the case of a missing boy named Ben, who went missin from a shopping centre. Even worse, the boy's mother Melissa doesn't agree with gender realignment. Brainwashed by extreme religion, Melissa makes finding Ben a bit of a nightmare.

I loved this story because of the quick pace and continuous action. When one clue is solved, another question arises and when you think the book is about to conclude, it just gets more mysterious! I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but I found the story to become progressively darker and more intriguing as it went on so if you like it from the first page, as I did, you know it's only going to get better.

Anyone who has read the book will know that there's a big part of the story you don't see coming from the cover or blurb. It's seems hidden away but if you look carefully Alex Clare drops clues to unravel the mystery. While I figured out the final mystery before Robyn, I think that was completely intentional. Part of the fun of reading a crime novel is feeling like you're a professional detective because you've just come up with the answer before anyone else. So thank you Alex Clare for achieving that in your novel!

If you enjoy reading dark and mysterious thrillers I would definitely recommend He's Gone. It's so unique because it also includes the transgender aspect of things. Watching Robyn's relationship with her daughter Becky as they both came to terms with the huge change of Robyn's transition seemed painfully realistic and added an emotional touch to the story. The only little niggle I had was that I wanted to see more from Josh - he had so much potential as an interesting character.

If you're keen to read He's Gone, which you should be, you can get a copy here or through the Impress Books website. In fact, head over to the Impress Book Blog to check out author Alex Clare's Friday Reads and enter into the chance of a FREE copy of He's Gone. We all love a giveaway...

Love, Jess

Thank you Impress Books for the ARC!

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