REVIEW: If The Dress Fits - Daisy James


This was my first experience of reading a Daisy James novel (her other book is titled The Runaway Bridesmaid and came out last year) and I really, really enjoyed it. It tells the story of Callie who runs her own bridal boutique in London. Although dazzled by the bright lights and busy feel of the city, Callie comes from a rural town in Yorkshire which she ran away from in her early 20s. A series of events finds Callie back in Althorpe where she has to face her past, notably her teenage boyfriend Theo.

Much like Giovanna Fletcher's Billy & Me, If The Dress Fits focuses on a small, quaint town with a real community feel. I enjoyed the aspect of 'home' in the story and the theme of coming back to your roots no matter how much you grow up. Like Billy & Me, it contrasts worldwide fame with this cosy village lifestyle and has the potential to become a series.

Daisy James is known to be an avid baker and I can tell through her writing as all of the talk on cupcakes made me hungry! I'd love to try one of Tom's creations... The way she described hopes and dreams I found very realistic, especially the balance of careers within relationships as it's a problem I think most of us face at one point or another.

I don't want to spoil the ending, so I won't say what happens, but I definitely saw it coming. That's not a bad thing though, If The Dress Fits was a comforting read. It wasn't scary or horrifying, it didn't make me cry. It made me feel safe. I knew where everything was going and the suspense didn't come from the plot, but from the conversations between the characters. There was less of a focus on what happens and rather how.

This is women's fiction at its best and I recommend if you like romance, weddings or fashion you give this book a go. You can get a copy here. I'm looking forward to Daisy's upcoming release When Only Cupcakes Will Do out this August.

Love, Jess

I received a free copy of If The Dress Fits in exchange for an honest review. My thanks go to the publisher.

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