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The sequel to Giovanna Fletcher's Billy And Me is almost perfect. It follows on from the relationship of Sophie and Billy, after the troubles and loss within the first book - which I won't spoil! At the start of Always With Love, Sophie and Billy travel over to LA to visit Billy's family where his mum launches a plot to get Billy back into acting.

Without ruining the storyline too much, the pair undergo a long-distance relationship (definitely something I can relate to) and send each other romantic letters as well as calling each other whenever the time difference will allow. The struggles they go through, the doubts, the lashing out, and the relief when they are finally reunited is so heartbreakingly true that I have to hand it to Giovanna, she got it spot on!

While there's no major disaster between them, this isn't a problem. The story doesn't rely on one huge event, but rather the difficulties of everyday life in a strained relationship. At some points I wondered how the hell Sophie and Billy were going to get it together, and was guided through their lives artfully.

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Unfortunately, there was one little niggle that bothered me, and it was a character issue. In the first half of the book Sophie is very out-spoken (in her head) about how disgusting meat-free/vegan food is. When Billy's twin sisters opt for a nut roast Sophie goes off on one in her head about how yucky  it is and this happens every time food is mentioned (which is a lot). While it is part of Sophie's character that she likes whatever food she likes, and doesn't understand why the twins eat differently, her inner-rants are a bit too extreme to be realistic and really didn't sit comfortably with me. I found it a little inconsistent too as Sophie is hardly ever extreme in her views, and this part of her is lost in the second half of the book. Albeit, she doesn't see the twins then, but surely if Sophie is anti-vegan, she's anti-everybody-vegan, not just those two?

That bit of extremism seemed jarring so I dropped my review to a 4.5 on here. On Goodreads I rounded this up to a 5/5 because it really is such a gripping read and in the grand scheme of this the flaw is minor.

I read Always With Love in less than 24 hours so - be warned - it may grab your attention and steal you from your normal life. The romance will suck you in and leave you wanting your own Billy (I am so grateful for mine). You can get hold of a copy here.

Love, Jess

Thank you Netgalley for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Came over from Book Connectors - fab review- this one's one of my next reads. Great site! Lxx


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