REVIEW: 13 Minutes - Sarah Pinborough


I love the YA genre and I also love creepy/psychological books and 13 Minutes was both of those wrapped into one. It's dark and haunting, with gritty twists and a whole heap of deception. In short, it's brilliantly entertaining.

At the start of the book Natasha almost died, in fact her heart stops for 13 whole minutes and she's technically dead in that time. When she wakes up she says she can't remember anything and from there the story is born!

Sarah Pinborough represents the politics of friendship as a teenage girl with absolute precision. The four girls that the story focuses on have their lives shaken by practically every interaction with one another, never feeling comfortable in their own skin (oh God, I just forgot Hannah - once you read the book you'll realise how ironic that is!) I liked that while there were so many characters they were all distinct and memorable. When you're reading about teenage girls with names like Hayley, Jenny, Natasha and Becca they might just blur - but not in 13 Minutes!
13 Minutes also has lots of extra sections. As well as flickering between Natasha, Becca and Jamie, it has Natasha's diary entries and both of Natasha and Becca's counselling transcripts and even Bennett's police reports. It was so cool that these were kept in and I think the diary entries worked really well, but the police reports sometimes felt a little fake. They didn't seem formal enough and contained too much emotion, which I doubt is realistic. That made me feel a little distanced from the book and so for the lapses in realism I had to knock it down to a 4/5.

That being said, it was really enjoyable. I was so routing for the love interest in the book to work out! It was refreshing to read a novel in which the romance wasn't the main story, but a sidenote, still believable and exciting.

If you'd like to read it the e-Book is already out and you can pre-order a paperback copy here - let me know what you think!

Love, Jess

I received a copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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