BOOK VS FILM: Me Before You

After many years of basically the whole world adoring Jojo Moyes' novel Me Before You it finally became a film this year and of course I just had to go and see it!

The Book: I loved Louisa's flustery Bridget Jones-esque character and the was she has such fierce love inside her. She was a great protagonist to follow and the way everyone else was presented in her eyes didn't leave any crucial perspective in the dark. The story follows her journey to support her family by working as a carer for a disabled man named Will. She soon becomes emotionally connected to him and the novel plays out their relationship. As much as I loved the story it didn't inspire me to read any other Jojo Moyes books (except the sequel to Me Before You - After You, this year).

The Film: I've heard a lot of criticism for the film from disability groups and went into the cinema expecting it to be this offensive, patronising Hollywood problem. Sorry, but it wasn't in my eyes. Will was charming and witty, his depression was realistic and his romantic relationship a huge step forward for the way Hollywood Blockbusters present disability. There were a few unrealistic moments in which Will, a quadriplegic, is sat in the passenger seat of the car with just a seatbealt round him. I have no idea how he got there or managed the journey and I doubt the director does either. Other than that, it was a loyal adaptation which I'm sure pleased lots of people - it was what I went to see. More than that, it was colourful and being able to see Louisa's crazy outfits made her character all the more vivid.

Verdict: This is close but the book scrapes the lead. Maybe as a book blogger I am biased but the book made me cry perhaps twice as many tears as the film because it portrayed the rawness of emotions straight from Louisa's brain. There was no guessing from her facial expression involved.

Have you gone to see Me Before You yet? What did you think?

Love, Jess

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